Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Relationship Management helps companies to manage their relationship and interactions with customers and associate partners.

TechnoAdviser understand your requirements and the importance of your association with your customers. The CRM Software aims to help businesses benefit from your relationship with your customers while keeping your needs and insights in mind. Our CRM automates your routine activities for sales, service, and marketing teams, leaving them free to use their time and skills to think generate leads and close deals.Packed with custom features, this CRM software is the key to all the solutions that you have been looking for.It is easy, adaptable, affordable CRM for small business as well as medium sized businesses.

The CRM allows you to achieve targeted results as all features can be customized.. Simply put, our CRM helps you and your sales team do the right things, at the right time.

Sales force Automation

Equip your sales team with live data, grab seamless opportunities and convert leads into deals. Sales force automation module consists of

  1. Account Management
  2. Contact Management
  3. Opportunity Management
  4. Lead Management

Territory Management

Assign, manage and structure live customer data to users (sales people) within their sales territory. Sales people can view current customers,potential opportunities, competitors’ activity, and the location of all of these.

  1. Customer segmentation
  2. Territory sales reports
  3. Differentiate information – related to customer, salesperson and managerial

Partner Management

Improve your relationship with your partners by sharing sales leads, marketinggoals and other related tasks. With real-time information flow, it enables you and your partner to enhance visibility, and sales growth.

Sales Forecasting

With highly researched business insight, it allows you to forecast sales and analyse trends with a variety of reports. It also helps define activities and required budget for the business.

  1. Trend analysis
  2. Business insights
  3. Dashboard report
  4. Budget analysis

Sales Performance Management

You can monitor your list of assigned activities and guide sales people to improve their ability to sell products.

  1. Monitor performance
  2. Report card
  3. Monitor activities

Reports and Dashboard

Channel your sales efforts in the right direction with a dynamic dashboard.

  1. Customizable Reports
  2. Key Metrics
  3. 50 pre-built Reports
  4. Dashboard for Sales Force Automation